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Case Study

Port Express

Streamlining Invoice Processing at Port Express with Enterprise Imaging Systems

of invoices now bypass manual review

‘TraX has had a really positive impact on my working week. Thankfully, time spent on those mind-numbing, repetitive tasks is now a distant memory.’

Charlotte Peck, Accounts
Port Express

After TraX

Seamless Automation and Time Savings

With the TraX system in place, the manual burden was lifted. Invoices are now automatically fed into TraX from emails, where they undergo coding and verification against the details in the accounts system. Post-verification, the invoices flow seamlessly to the accounts team for payment processing. Charlotte highlighted that the TraX system has eliminated the need for Excel spreadsheets entirely. Real-time visibility into the entire process has become the norm, saving significant time and enhancing efficiency.

Impact on Workday Quality and Focus

The implementation of TraX has resulted in a remarkable transformation in Charlotte’s daily tasks. Approximately 90% or more of invoices now bypass manual review, allowing her to focus on more engaging and value-added tasks. The system also highlights any issues, streamlining the identification and resolution process for the remaining invoices that require attention.

Integration with Sage Accounts System

The TraX system’s integration with Port Express’s Sage accounts system ensures a smooth linkage of invoices to transactions. This tight integration enhances data verification and expedites the overall processing workflow.

Implementation Process and User-Friendly Interface

The implementation of the TraX system was described as straightforward, with Charlotte expressing satisfaction with the setup and ease of use. The user-friendly interface contributed to a smooth transition.

Positive Feedback

Charlotte enthusiastically recommends the TraX system to others facing similar challenges. The system has not only made the job less tedious but also provided her with more time to focus on value-added tasks.

‘TraX has had a really positive impact on my working week.  Thankfully, time spent on those mind-numbing, repetitive tasks is now a distant memory.’

Charlotte Peck, Accounts Administrator, Port Express

Support Desk Experience

While Charlotte has not required support thus far, the absence of issues to report reflects positively on the TraX system’s reliability. However, Charlotte knows that our local support desk are on hand if any issues should crop up which is reassuring.


The case study with Charlotte Peck from Port Express illustrates how Enterprise Imaging Systems’ TraX system has transformed invoice processing, reducing manual efforts, minimising errors, and enhancing overall efficiency. The positive impact on work quality and the seamless integration with Sage makes TraX a valuable solution for businesses dealing with high volumes of invoices.

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