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Making data work for your business

Leading Document, Information Management and Accounts Payable Automation Solutions from Enterprise Imaging Systems


TraX Foundation

Game-changing information & document management system

TraX Accounts Payable Automation

Digitise your accounts payable process with our trusted solution

TraX Workflow

Automate your document approvals process with ease

TraX Connect

Integration APIs for seamless connectivity to your ERP/Accounts system

TraX Web Portal

24-7 secure document access for customers or 3rd parties

TraX Document Delivery

Auto collate all supporting documents associated with a transaction

TraX Customise

Looking for a tailored document management solution? We can help!

Making data work for your business

The UK & Ireland’s Leading Document Management, Scanning and Accounts Payable Automation Software Provider – Enterprise Imaging Systems

Information Management Made Easy

At Enterprise Imaging Systems (EIS) we’re making mundane document related tasks a thing of the past with our advanced document and information management software and scanning solutions. We help businesses digitise, organise and optimise their documents as well as automating related workflow processes and accounts payable operations, saving them time, money and hassle.

EIS was founded in 1999 by Rory Jordan and Fergal Burke who noticed that many companies were struggling with the burden of having to store, file and locate important paperwork. With their background in office equipment solutions, they spotted an opportunity to develop an affordable, easy to use document management software system.

Taking everything that was good about a physical filing system and digitising it, EIS launched their solution, TraX.

To meet the needs of businesses using ERP/accounts systems the team ensured that TraX was capable of fully integrating with all leading accounts & ERP software solutions. It also needed to be able to handle both hard and soft copy information, so they incorporated easy to use, high speed scanning solutions, along with secure online/remote access. TraX has evolved to encompass various solutions like Accounts Payable Automation, Workflow Approvals, Remote Access, 3rd Party File Sharing, and more.

Today, over 10,000 users in the UK, Ireland and Europe across a wide range of industries, from small local businesses to large multinationals, use and trust EIS’ document management services and software to collate, manage and automate their information and documents. EIS remains committed to delivering the highest quality document management solutions and services to their customers, taking the pain out of document management so businesses can focus on driving growth and adding value.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Enterprise Imaging Systems to anyone looking for a document management or accounts payable automation system. I haven’t seen anyone better.

Brian Murphy, Customs, IT & Projects Manager

I would describe TraX as a one-stop-shop solution. Everything is contained within the system and there’s complete transparency and visibility.

Tomás English, Financial Controller

TraX provided seamless integration with our ERP system, which allowed us to eliminate as much paperwork as possible, and also facilitated quick and easy document retrieval.

Mc Hugh Components Ltd.)

I would have no hesitation in recommending Enterprise Imaging Systems and their TraX solution to other organisations in the industry.

Jack O’Callaghan, Systems Accountant
Glenpatrick Spring Water

TraX is the perfect solution for a paperless environment.

Doramics Ltd.

Our Tech Team leader said that it was one of the easiest implementations he had ever experienced, as they really knew what they were doing and had immense expertise in the area.

Respond Housing

It's our job to make yours easier

We are dedicated to making the process of storing, accessing and querying data held in documentation a breeze for our customers. 

Our goal is to alleviate the burden of manual tasks related to documentation, such as paper processing, manual invoice entry, and matching. This frees up employees to concentrate on value-added tasks, while enhancing visibility and control over crucial financial and transactional data.

Let us take care of your documents so you can take care of business

Let's Talk

A Partnership Approach

At Enterprise Imaging Systems we’re passionate about helping businesses realise their full potential. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we have become a trusted partner to businesses of all sizes across all industries who are looking to digitise their data, documents and related processes in order to optimise their operations.

At Enterprise Imaging Systems we take a long-term view. Our local, expert team take the time to really get to know our customers’ business, understand their industry and requirements to ensure we not only meet their needs now, but anticipate them into the future. This is why our clients choose to stay with us and report a customer satisfaction rate of 85%.

We take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional service and support, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible experience and advice. During the implementation process our team will guide you through the onboarding process ensuring our software is aligned to your ways of working and optimised to deliver efficiencies from day one.

Your team will receive in-depth training so they feel comfortable using our solutions from the get-go and any post-implementation queries can be directed to our local technical support team who are only a call away.

The information & document management experts

At Enterprise Imaging Systems we’ve expanded our TraX Foundation solution to facilitate accounts/ERP integration, accounts payable automation, workflow approvals, remote access and 3rd party file sharing, enabling our customers to work smarter, not harder. Our document management services and software are designed to simplify document management and automate mundane tasks, allowing businesses to focus on what really matters – growing their business.

The Painless Way

To Go Paperless

TraX Foundation is a leading, trusted digital document management software system. It takes everything that’s good about a physical filing cabinet and digitises it.

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The Painless Way

To Go Paperless

TraX Foundation is a leading, trusted digital document management software system. It takes everything that’s good about a physical filing cabinet and digitises it.

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Digitise your

Accounts Payable

TraX Accounts Payable Automation streamlines and automates your accounts payable processes, providing better transparency and control over critical financial data.

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Automate your

Document Approvals

Trax Workflow replaces the existing manual process of chasing users to approve invoices by auto-routing supplier invoices to the correct person for authorisation.

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27-7 Secure

Document Access

TraX Web Portal enables companies using TraX to provide 3rd parties with secure, online access to view or download the documents they need, whenever they need them.

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Integration APIs

for Seamless Connectivity

TraX Connect enables TraX software to communicate with all major ERP and accounts systems. TraX currently integrates with over 100 ERP/ finance systems.

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The Complete Picture,


TraX Document Delivery automatically collates all the supporting documents associated with a particular transaction into one document ready to email.

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Looking for

a Tailored Solution?

If you’ve got a specific way in which you manage your documents or find yourself wasting too much time manually managing document-related tasks, we can help.

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Digitise, Organise,
Optimise, Revolutionise.

Get in contact and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you take the pain out of document & information management.

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TraX is now so vital to our business, I can’t imagine working without it.

Gillian Coakley
Accounts & HR Manager, Beechfield Healthcare

TraX is eveverything you need from a document management system – easy to use, robust and flexible.