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TraX Foundation

Game-changing information & document management system

TraX Accounts Payable Automation

Digitise your accounts payable process with our trusted solution

TraX Workflow

Automate your document approvals process with ease

TraX Connect

Integration APIs for seamless connectivity to your ERP/Accounts system

TraX Web Portal

24-7 secure document access for customers or 3rd parties

TraX Document Delivery

Auto collate all supporting documents associated with a transaction

TraX Customise

Looking for a tailored document management solution? We can help!

APA, information and document management experts, with over 20 years experience.

Our People

Rory Jordan

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Rory co-founded Enterprise Imaging Systems (EIS) with Fergal Burke in 1999. They identified a need for an affordable document management system during their time in working at Minolta Copier Corporation. This led to the creation of TraX, an innovative document management software. What started out as a “digital filing cabinet” has evolved under Rory & Fergal’s guidance into a portfolio of information management and accounts payable automation solutions operational in over 1,000 businesses. Rory thoroughly enjoys the diversity of his role - from working with the dev team on new solutions to client service and sales to HR to even changing the lightbulbs, Rory is a man of many skills and talents. He’s even taken to the air and the ocean with flying and sailing two of his key hobbies, but we’ll gladly keep him tethered to dry land as the Captain of the EIS ship for as long as possible.  


Fergal Burke

Company Founder & Director

Fergal is the Co-Founder and Managing Sales Director of EIS with Rory Jordan, which they founded in 1999. Fergal’s primary focus at EIS is on sales and promoting the business. He has a wealth of experience of document management, sales, and accounts payable automation but one of his key skills is his inquisitive nature – he wants to know every aspect of each client’s business and understand it as if it was his own. This is what enables him to deliver solutions that truly meet his clients’ needs. His favourite part of the job is building relationships and meeting people across every level of the organisation. Fergal is a busy man but makes time for a spot of tennis, jogging, gym and even though his rugby days are gone he’s still an avid supporter. But a true family man at heart Fergal’s favourite place is anywhere with his lovely wife & 4 kids.


Gabhan O’Loughlin

Head of Software Development

Gabhan is our Head of Software Development working with us for over 20 years. Gabhan thrives on the constant learning curve challenge the role involves. The move to a more hybrid working model & the need for software to accommodate multiple modes of accessibility, not only for EIS’ own applications, but also for those they integrate with has created numerous development hurdles, which Gabhan enjoys overcoming. Thankfully he relishes the problem-solving aspect of the job. Getting to the heart of what the customer requirements are is key and having an accounting background has really helped. If Gabhan wasn’t working as a developer, he could see himself as a gardener, an electronics restorer or even a Karate instructor. So he is a man with multiple Plan B’s but after 20 years developing excellent products for us we’re happy to make sure we remain his Plan A.


Paul McInerney

Operations Director

Paul has worked in IT for over 20 years, 18 of which have been spent specialising in document management solutions with EIS. His official title is Operations Director but really he’s the Director of Everything and Anything. As our longest-serving team member, he offers support wherever it’s needed, from development and implementation to customer support and sales. His main focus is on making great software and fine-tuning it to ensure that it’s as good as it can possibly be. His broad level of experience across multiple industries enables him to understand the nuances of each and tailor our products to enhance the user’s experience. Paul continues to be interested in all things IT and enjoys exercise, especially skiing, when he gets the chance. When he was younger he wanted to be a footballer and, while he may not have achieved that ambition, he’s certainly adept at keeping all of our balls up in the air.


Miriam McCaffrey

Office Manager

Miriam is the Office Manager here at EIS keeping everyone in check, looking after our accounts, administration and the day to day running of the business. Working with us for over 15 years, she has seen the business grow and expand into the UK and Europe and has also seen her own role at the company diversify and expand. Luckily, she’s more than up to the task. She’s an excellent multitasker who thrives on being busy. She enjoys working in an environment where everyone’s opinion is listened to and valued. Miriam runs a tight ship and keeps us all on our toes. She’s a stickler for detail so no mistake gets past her. In her spare time she enjoys travel and she also plays a mean game of tennis.


Eoin Melly

Software Development Team Leader

Eoin is our Software Developer Team Leader and has worked with EIS for over 8 years. As one of our Senior Developers, Eoin keeps us up to speed with all the latest technology in this constantly evolving area and is actively working on our Cloud solutions. Although his head is firmly in “The Cloud”, it’s never in the clouds, as this role requires sharp thinking and innovative solutions. He thrives on the challenge of finding the best technical solution to suit individual client needs. Eoin is also a qualified secondary school, and this teaching background means that he’s great at explaining complex technical processes in relatively easy to understand terms, which is greatly appreciated by our less technically-minded clients. In his spare time Eoin enjoys golf and travel but spare time is not something he has much of, as a Dad to two sets of twins.


Bill Brush

Director – Product & Integration & Customer Experience

Bill began his career as a programmer and has gained a wealth of experience in the technology industry over the past 33 years working in a variety of IT roles across a range of industries. At EIS Bill is responsible for the TraX Accounts Payable Automation solution, maximising the features, enhancing usability, and making it as customer friendly as possible. Bill actually started out as a customer of TraX, which was integrated with Intact iQ in his previous workplace and was one of our most enthusiastic customers ever. As a result, Bill prides himself on always putting himself in the customer’s shoes. He is passionate about making the user experience the very best it can be so if it’s good enough for Bill, it’s good enough for anyone. Bill is an avid Liverpool supporter and also enjoys making the most of the great outdoors, walking and camping whenever the opportunity arises.


Dessie Clarke

Director of Technical Services

As our Director of Technical Services, Dessie is definitely a jack of all trades and brings a wealth of experience across a variety of areas to the team. He oversees the support desk and the smooth running of our implementation projects, making sure that they are delivered in line with our customers’ expectations and support tickets are resolved in a timely fashion. His strong technical background means that he understands what the technical issues are and knows how to problem-solve and support the team, helping them to overcome any challenges they are facing. He tries to put himself in the customer’s shoes to see any issues from their perspective. Outside of work it’s no surprise that Dessie is a big fan of all thing’s technology related. He also enjoys a bit of DIY at the weekends, so fixing things is something that comes naturally.


Maria Mirza

Head of Finance

Maria brings over 20 years of invaluable experience in the finance industry to her role as Head of Finance. Prior to joining our team, Maria embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, successfully running her own café. This hands-on experience instilled in her a deep understanding of the challenges faced by business owners. Maria's key strength lies in her exceptional interpersonal skills, which foster a harmonious working environment within our close-knit Enterprise Imaging Systems family. She thrives in the bustling pace of her role, revelling in the opportunity to contribute to our ongoing success. Maria's responsibilities encompass managing accounts, delivering insightful sales analysis, and strategic planning. Beyond her financial prowess, Maria possesses an insatiable passion for travel, which was initially inspired by a childhood dream of becoming a pilot, but after flying as a teenager resulted in travel sickness that plan went out the window and accountancy came calling. Nevertheless, at Enterprise Imaging Systems, Maria continues to soar, motivating us all to see that the sky’s the limit.


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At Enterprise Imaging Systems, our values define who we are and how we operate.

Our customers value our down to earth, practical approach and they know they can rely on Enterprise Imaging Systems to deliver expert and best practice advice, guidance and technology solutions to address their document management and accounts payable automation problems, both now and in the future.

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We are your local accounts payable, information and document management experts, with over 20 years experience.

We bring order to a world of data chaos with our advanced document management software, scanning and accounts payable automation solutions. We help businesses digitise, organise, optimise, and automate their documents and related processes, saving them time, money and a whole lot of hassle.

They’re extremely knowledgeable, incredibly personable and very genuine.

Brian Murphy
Customs, IT & Projects Manager, JMC

The team at Enterprise Imaging Systems very quickly understood what we needed and could either facilitate it or offer suggestions on how to improve operations using the TraX solution.

Tara Moran
Finance Manager, MJ Flood