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Case Study

MJ Flood

How Enterprise Imaging Systems (EIS) saved MJ Flood
from drowning in a sea of paper

Company Overview

MJ Flood is Ireland’s largest indigenous supplier of Managed Print Services, Digital Technology and Security Systems. They help companies to manage their printing devices to control operating costs and improve operations.

The team at Enterprise Imaging Systems very quickly understood what we needed and could either facilitate it or offer suggestions on how to improve operations using the TraX solution.

Tara Moran, Finance Manager
MJ Flood

The Benefits

  • Documents are now easily accessible from anywhere
    With one main head office and 8 regional offices all around the country, the most obvious and immediate benefit of putting the EIS TraX Document Management System in place was making documents accessible to people wherever and whenever they need them. Now reps no longer have to go through Head Office to get their hands on the documents they need. This saves the people in the office endless wasted hours tracking down documents and frees them up to focus on more important tasks.
  • They have future-proofed their business
    For MJ Flood, Covid really highlighted the importance of having your documents digitised and easily accessible – if you have paper files in the office, not everyone on your team has ready access to them and if you need to find or query a document it can not only be a tedious task, but you might not even find it. A paper-based system is just no longer feasible for scaling businesses working with remote/hybrid teams.

The main benefit was accessibility – giving reps ownership and visibility of their contracts so the back office didn’t have to get involved

MArk Phillips, Group CFO
MJ Flood

Putting an electronic document management system like TraX in place is the way forward – the world has moved on

Tara Moran, Finance Manager
MJ Flood

Future Plans

MJ Flood are very impressed with the increased efficiency TraX’s Document Management System and Workflow module has delivered for them, so much so that they have plans in the pipeline to move their Accounts Payable Automation processes to TraX too. They are in the process of implementing a new ERP system for the rest of the group and will be integrating this with TraX so they are looking forward to benefiting from this increased efficiency across their organisation. They would highly recommend TRAX and EIS to any other companies looking for an end-to-end robust document management solution.

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