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Case Study


How Enterprise Imaging Systems (EIS) delivered a winning document management solution for JMC

Company Overview

JMC is an award-winning provider of delivery and logistics solutions. As one of Ireland’s biggest groupage carriers, they transport thousands of pallets and cartons to businesses around Ireland and into the UK and Europe every day.

The new PoD system has replaced the workload of 2 employees, who we were then able to reassign to other positions within the company

Brian Murphy, Customs, IT & Projects Manager

It has taken away a lot of the manual effort that was involved in managing paperwork and our inbound customer queries have significantly reduced. It’s a way of working that not only our customers, but our employees, now expect.

Brian Murphy, Customs, IT & Projects Manager

We’ve made very few changes to the TraX solution over the last 10 years. It has just worked solidly in the background day in, day out. It’s a workhorse, solid and dependable.

Brian Murphy, Customs, IT & Projects Manager

The Solution

With TraX we enabled the team at JMC to rapidly scan in all of their signed PoDs. All of their dockets had a barcode with a job number on it. This meant that on scanning the TraX system was able to record, link and store each document by reading the related barcode from it. Our system also integrated with their transport management system, (TMS), to ensure documents were automatically linked to the related job in the transport system.

  • We cut labour costs by 66% Now, instead of 3 people, they have 1 person who manages all the scanned documents with each satellite office set up to scan in their documents directly to the TraX system.  Once scanned all documents are automatically indexed, so they’re matched to the job they’re supposed to be matched to.
  • Integrated with their existing system Now when they look up a job in their system there’s a button there that says “Show POD” and the PoD and any other related documentation pops up. This can all be done from inside their existing back office system so people don’t have to navigate out to the TraX system to access the information they need.
  • TraX Web Portal Integration made the information accessible to customers. With Web Portal Integration JMC enabled their customers to log on to a secure, password protected website and access the PoDs and any other relevant documentation they required. This not only made life easier for customers, it also saved them a significant amount of time by no longer having to take calls from customers requesting this information, searching for it and sending it on to them each time.


The Solution

Having been impressed with the increased productivity and cost savings that the TraX Foundation Digital Filing Cabinet delivered, they decided to implement the TraX Accounts Payable Automation module. With this module in place now every invoice is auto-imported into TraX where it is then directed down a specified route, depending on who signs it off – whether it’s IT, Operations or another department, it is directed to the relevant people and they are prompted to approve it.

“TraX Payable has been an absolute game-changer for the business.”

(Brian Murphy, JMC)

Now they have complete visibility of the payment cycle and they know what invoices have been assigned, approved by who, on what date etc. This means the entire accounts payable process is much easier to manage – they just log in and the invoice pops up, they can see people’s comments on it and it feeds forward and back and if there’s an invoice that’s outstanding, they know what it is and who has to respond to it.

“Nobody has found a single fault with it, it’s just perfect.”

(Brian Murphy, JMC)

  • Implementation was smooth and integration was seamless Any initial minor glitches were resolved very quickly and since its implementation Brian and his team haven’t needed to speak to EIS about TraX APA. It also links in seamlessly with Sage, their accounting software. Documents and data are shared back and forth between TraX and Sage in real-time to provide 360 degree visibility of the payments cycle. The team can also access TraX from within their accounting software, which aids productivity and efficiency.
  • A hands-on approach and pro-active advice JMC were particularly impressed with the hands-on approach we apply to our system implementations. We took the time to understand how best to deploy the solution to their business so that it was providing a return on investment from day one. Although the JMC team have very little need for ongoing technical support assistance we do keep in touch regularly though to make sure everything is working as it should and to help with any additional requirements as they arise.

    “They’re extremely knowledgeable, incredibly personable and very genuine.”

    (Brian Murphy, JMC) 

    JMC are now implementing TraX AP in 2 other parts of their organisation.They are so pleased with the efficiency TraX Accounts Payable has delivered that they are extending it out to a new company they’ve acquired in Limerick. They’re also putting it into their Manchester-based company, Harbour Freight..

The fact that we’ve been working with Enterprise Imaging Systems for 20 years speaks volumes. We’ve been approached by other software providers, but we’ve stuck with them because they’ve provided us with a solid system backed with dependable expertise & support.

Brian Murphy, Customs, IT & Projects Manager

I would have no hesitation in recommending Enterprise Imaging Systems to anyone looking for a document management or accounts payable automation system. I haven’t seen anyone better.

Brian Murphy, Customs, IT & Projects Manager

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