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Case Study

Beechfield Healthcare

How Enterprise Imaging Systems (EIS) delivered a healthier document management system for Beechfield Healthcare

Company Overview

Beechfield Healthcare is a leading Irish supplier of healthcare products and services. They supply products to the HSE, nursing homes and private customers that are designed to make life easier for people with a wide range of healthcare needs.

“Scanning everything in and saving it to the system was a very laborious process. We needed a system that could easily collate and match PoDs to our invoices.”

Gillian Coakley
Accounts and HR Manager, Beechfield Heathcare

The Benefits

  • Saves time, money and hassle  TraX has saved Beechfield Healthcare a huge amount of time. It has cut down on paper and printing costs and saved them the hassle of manually handling and scanning and linking related documents.

“Between both systems, EIS has easily saved us a few days a week and even saved us having to hire another staff member.”

Gillian Coakley, Accounts and HR Manager

  • Puts the information they need at their fingertips  TraX has revolutionised the way they handle and keep track of PoDs and invoices. No more manually logging PoDs or searching through emails to locate invoices. With TraX everything is seamless and instantly accessible and they can view the documents they need when they need them.

“TraX is now so vital to our business,  I can’t imagine working without it.”

Gillian Coakley, Accounts and HR Manager

The team at Beechfield Heathcare are very impressed with the time and cost savings and the increased efficiency EIS has delivered for their business and would definitely recommend the TraX solution to other businesses.

It’s an excellent system. If you aren’t already using a document management or accounts payable automation system, I would highly recommend it.

Trevor Flanagan
Managing Director, Beechfield Heathcare

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