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Case Study

Glenpatrick Spring Water

How Enterprise Imaging Systems (EIS) helped Glenpatrick Spring Water’s finance processes flow more smoothly

Company Overview

Glenpatrick Spring Water is an Irish market-leading beverage company that supplies bottled, still, carbonated and flavoured water, and other beverages to customers across Ireland and the UK. They have 350 employees and deal with over 100 suppliers with the plant operating 24-7.

The Challenge

Before EIS got on board in March 2022 Glenpatrick Spring Water was completely reliant on paper-based systems and was struggling with the many limitations of this. They were scanning and storing most of their documents on their server, while paper-based accounts payable documents took up a lot of space in filing cabinets.

They were working with a huge amount of documents from suppliers on a daily basis, including PoDs, receipts, invoices and documents that needed sign off and these were becoming increasingly hard to manage. They were having problems getting everything signed off on time, documents were getting lost and it was becoming more and more difficult to keep track of everything.

They believed that by investing in an electronic document management system they could improve their processes, become more efficient and make the approvals process more transparent and seamless.

The team at EIS were a great help during the implementation process. They gave useful advice and were quick to answer any questions that arose. After the initial implementation process, it was soon running seamlessly

Jack O’Callaghan, Systems Accountant
Glenpatrick Spring Water

Future Plans

Implementing TraX in other areas in the organisation

Impressed by the increased efficiency and productivity TraX has achieved for the finance side of the business, they are now looking at how they can use it to digitise and store other documents across the organisation, like quality documents for the manufacturing process, and they are confident that it will greatly improve the management of these documents too.

Overall, the increased efficiency TraX has delivered has saved us the work of one person, who has now been freed up to focus on more value-added activity.

Jack O’Callaghan, Systems Accountant
Glenpatrick Spring Water

I would have no hesitation in recommending EIS TraX to other organisations in the industry. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Jack O’Callaghan, Systems Accountant
Glenpatrick Spring Water

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