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Making data work for your business

Leading Document, Information Management and Accounts Payable Automation Solutions from Enterprise Imaging Systems


TraX Foundation

Game-changing information & document management system

TraX Accounts Payable Automation

Digitise your accounts payable process with our trusted solution

TraX Workflow

Automate your document approvals process with ease

TraX Connect

Integration APIs for seamless connectivity to your ERP/Accounts system

TraX Web Portal

24-7 secure document access for customers or 3rd parties

TraX Document Delivery

Auto collate all supporting documents associated with a transaction

TraX Customise

Looking for a tailored document management solution? We can help!

Industry Agnostic, Value Focused

We help companies across a wide range of industries to work more efficiently, from logistics and construction companies to government bodies, and from small local businesses to huge multinationals.

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